Wings of Steel

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    Wings of Steel

    Heavy …

    My eyelids feel so heavy…

    Moments pass in silence. It takes some time before I regain conciseness. I try to open my eyes again , but still , they feel to heavy as if small pieces of metal where hanging of my eyelids. I try something different , like moving my arms of legs or any other part of my body but nothing happens. It feels as if my mind is isolated from the rest of my body. I can feel my thoughts roaming , flying freely on the inside of my head. Then this thought accurse to me amongst other thoughts , maybe I am dead. Maybe I died and this is what happens after u die, a long time in solitude , to go back and remorse on the things u did before u died. But one things missing. I can’t remember anything , anything at all, whether it’s my childhood ,or something like high school or anything like that , I have no memory of it. My mind is just one empty black space of thoughts. Nothing more , nothing less. So I’ll just let myself drift of, as if I have no care in the world…

    More time passes…

    Finally , I can open my eyes again. The light is dense, its burning through my eyes, making holes inside my skull , but frankly that feels relieving , the joy of feeling pain. A disturbing though, but that doesn’t matter to me now, all I want to do if feel alive again. Slowly but surely I open my eyes. At first I see nothing , nothing at all , just an empty wide space of this intense white light. It takes a minute or two before my eyes can adjust to the brightness , but that minute or two felt like a century of darkness. Finally my eyes adjust , making little pieces of the outside world visible again. At first it’s hard, but the idea of getting a headache while trying to look at the world feels amusing. Such hardship and all I am doing is looking through my own eyes. I start to see colors but they feel so blurry and they keep dangling from one side to the other , maybe this is what they mean by “Seeing circles in front of your eyes”. I close my eyes a couple of times. I takes my entire concentration to focus on a single target. I blink , but I still can’t see what I am looking at. Its brown …big…its stretches up as far as my eyes can see, but it doesn’t look like it is made out of one solid piece, it looks more like it was built in pieces , like a puzzle , one piece on top of the other. I blink a couple of times, and focus harder. Almost there … A little harder ..and finally I can see it clearly ! Its …a wall… a dark brown solid …wall…Oh well at least I can see again. That thought keeps me occupied for some time while I look around trying to see the different things around me. In front of me a wall , but when I concentrate harder I notice that it’s not really that close. Its seems about 3-4 meters away from where I am. My eyes drift downward slowly. I’m still not used to looking around for now , but I am trying as best as I can. Its dark and I notice something green sprouting out of it , is that ….Yes , it’s grass . My eyes shift from left to right , it seems like everything before the wall is covered in grass , growing everywhere , like it’s trying to survive. The grass field doesn’t stretch long , it ends just a few centimeters away from my legs … Legs? …that thought keeps flying around my head for a while before it finally hits me …I have legs! For a moment a feeling of joy and happiness covers me and I feel overjoyed on the single though that I have legs! Yes legs! The greatest discovery in my life, the feeling of seeing your own legs, a moment that can’t be described. But for now I try to forget about that thought , and try to focus on other more important things, like looking around. I look at my feet again , as if checking to see if they’re still in one place, and so far so good, they seem unharmed , though I can’t say the same about the clothes. The shoes that I am wearing seem strange , as if one side on the right one ,is missing , and the cargo pants that I am wearing look all tattered and torn to shreds, but so far my legs seem unharmed and a feeling of relief goes through me. I can’t seem to be able to look beyond my thighs , but that would be because I can’t move my neck yet. I notice something else. I doesn’t look like I’m standing , it’s more like my legs are resting on the ground , so that means I’m sitting , but where? I can’t look what’s under me nor what’s behind me , but I guess I’ll get to that later. I sigh. This feels awkward. I can’t even feel myself breathing so the thought of being dead keeps haunting me. I can see my breath in this gloomy light. I guess it must be cold. I go back into exploration mode. I look around as if doing a check on things. Wall …check….Grass…check….Legs …check… That’s as far as I can see what’s straight of me , now I need to know what’s to the left or right. Who can assure me that there isn’t anyone standing next to me , waiting for me to look up to him , and end me right in this spot while having that maniacal grin on he’s face. But I would rather take my chances right now , so I shift my eyes to the left . Wall…some more wall…And yes , u can guess , some more wall, an suddenly a corner. It seems there is a corner on the left of the wall in front of me , which leaves to a rational conclusion …that there is another wall on the left next the one if front of me. From the light being gloomy, the cold temperature surrounding me , and the solid rock bellow me, from as far as I can see , I find myself in an alley of some sort. Good work genius. I would pat myself on the back for a job well done , but since I can’t seem to move, ill note that down for later. Right … now back to the important stuff , looking around. I can’t see the wall on my left all the way to the end , since I can’t move my neck , but from the look of it , I would guess, there is a wall behind me , which was kind of reassuring myself , that I wasn’t supported by a wall of air that would give away any second now and I would fall back , and tumble through the air , until the end of times , which was a dreadful thought at the moment. So the only part that I haven’t looked is the side on my right. I slowly move my eyes to my right side , partially being scared of my own thoughts , and partially that there might be nothing out there , or that I was trapped somewhere in nowhere ,all alone, for the rest of my miserable life, which I didn’t know how much that was going to last. Focus …Focus…I tried to get rid of those thoughts. A pair of hands would do nicely right about now , as I could use a good slapping for the moment. Slowly I moved my eyes to the right .At first there was nothings, as if the wall kept going on for eternity , but slowly I started to notice cracks on it , and after that a portion of the wall that was broken down and had crumbled to the ground. Then I noticed , that the more I moved my eyes to the right , the more brighter the sunlight got ,and the more thinner the air seemed to be. I also noted some changes in the ground also, the grass wasn’t growing around the part where the wall had crumbled and the ground was covered in actual earth beyond that point, but that earth seemed dry , it was more like a patch of dirt , and there was more and more further down to my right. Then I spotted it … A little further down the crumbled wall , was nothing …yes nothing …just open space and nothing more. I could see the blue sky, well not so blue from where I’m looking ,clouds and just before the open space met the ground , a mountain. An actual mountain. It was as If I was looking at a mountain for the first time in my life ,maybe because I was looking at a mountain for the first time of my life, or maybe I have seen a mountain before, I just had forgotten. It was interesting to stare at it . A solid giant rising up for thousand of meter’s , shooting out of the ground as if trying to grab the sky. But it looked pale for a mountain. It wasn’t green , nor did it have a snow cap at the top , it was …a very dull gray color , like it was suffering from a disease. But that didn’t matter for now , because now I could see a way out of here , out of this place , finally. But then while I was looking at the open space , something else caught the corner of my eye. A pair of legs .Suddenly that thought of not being alone came back to me , what if there really was someone who was waiting to finish me of , what if…Wait a minute…Then I noticed something weird about those pair of legs . They weren’t quite right. They where thinner and smaller and shinier then mine . Taking a closer look assured me. I was right, those whore metallic legs, part of a robot , that thought was the first one that popped in my head. So now I was stuck in the alley with a robot. Great , I can’t move I can’t …

    Suddenly my eyes closed and everything turned black. I found myself surrounded by emptiness once more.

    Some time went by before I could open my eyes again. I had no idea how much time had passed , it’s not like I had a watch inside my head , with that annoying voice “ It’s now 2 am and thirty-five minutes”. I could tell that some time had passed since the grass had grown around my legs and it had gotten tall enough to reach my toes , which were sticking out of my right sneaker. So what was I doing here again…I was looking around last time and …Oh Right! The robot on my right. I could still the see the legs sticking out on the right , out of the corner of my eye , but I could notice that it wasn’t moving , since I stared at it till my eyes started hurting. I had to do something. First things first. I need to get my body back , I need to get up on my feet and find out what that thing next to me exactly. A couple of hours passed until I could finally move my neck. The first time was harder then it thought it would. Every time I moved my neck to the right or to the left , even if it was a little bit , it made these horrible sounds like the bones in my neck where rusted or something, and the pain was unimaginable. It shot through my entire body , but I was glad for something , every time that happened , I could feel a little portion of my body coming back to life , but I knew it was going to take some times before I could fully move again. That thought kept me going forward , I wanted to move, jump up on my feet, run around outside , jump off a cliff or something , anything was better than being stuck here with nothing to do ! It took me more time before I could turn my head without clenching my moth and biting my lips in order to avoid pain, by giving myself more pain, even though that didn’t make sense , it was the only thing that worked at the moment. I could move my mouth , my lips where dried , my tongue was bad , though my throat was dry and even worse. It felt like someone filled my mouth with sand and stacked a cactus inside, to get that dessert effect more realistic. I also had that metallic taste in my mouth which made things worse to be exact. Well I couldn’t complain much since I was all alone ,so being able to move my neck and head , was a relief. I noticed that I could hear the wind rustling trough my hair from time to time, but occasionally I would notice the grass swaying by the force of the wind. My senses where slowly getting back to me and it felt good for some time. I could feel the wind on my exposed skin , on my legs and the grass that was tickling my toes. I felt the hair on my back ,giving me an uncomfortable feeling running down to the lower part of my body ,down to my hips . I could feel the fabric of my shirt with my fingers but that was all I could do, unfortunately. I couldn’t move my arms nor my legs at all, nor any part of my body to be exact , I could only move my neck and head and that was it. It was very discouraging ,and devastating ,at the thought that my body was crippled and id never move from this spot. For a moment there , nothing seemed to matter anymore , I might as well give up, but still I wanted to be sure , so I kept trying over and over again. I didn’t have much to do either. I tilted my head up and rested it against the solid cold wall, that was supporting me. I thought that sooner or later I would die from hyperthermia, this much cold isn’t good for you , but so far nothing happened. Then I tilted my head right as if I was resting it on my shoulder. I could feel the bones and the muscles on my shoulder but it refused to move. Move damn it ! I thought to myself, but still nothing ... I shifted my eyes over my shoulder to get a better look at the thing next to me , but the sight that I saw that moment caught me off guard. I knew there was something different ever since I noticed those thin small metallic legs, but now I was sure about it. It was a robot , and to be more exact , it was a robot girl. He body was small and looked delicate, like it was some sort of deluxe model or something , and her face was even more disturbing. It was small , but it was beautiful, something like I had never seen before, and it looked almost real, because unlike her body which was partially metallic, the upper part of her body was human looking. It was covered in skin and clothes , and she even wore accessories. She had a silver sparkly necklace around her neck and two silver bracelets. Her hair was black and it was cut short, but it looked beautiful from my point of view. If I wasn’t crippled and if the circumstances where different, I would have thought she was a model or something. I kept staring at her from top to bottom as if I had never seen a girl before, but the one thing had most of my attention was her face. It seemed to me , by the look on her face, as if she was resting, like she was having a pleasant dream, but she was keeping it to herself. At that moment, I didn’t pay any attention since I was looking at her so seriously , until she said “Hello Keith” and I noticed that her sparkly gorgeous jade green eyes where looking at me. I faltered for a moment and froze in place , before my eyes closed and I went to that well known dark place …again ….

    More time passed by, but for some reason it felt like it was longer, and I was right the moment I opened my eyes again. The grass had grown , but this time It was way taller and was almost reaching my neck. I was covered in grass. If this kept up I was going to suffocate from this much grass. But that didn’t matter anyway, my body was still crippled. I quickly remembered the girl and my eyes shot to the right, but she wasn’t there. Damn it , it was just a dream , I kept thinking to myself by then I heard the voice of a girl who was standing right over me on the left , her face hovering right over mine , as she kept coming closer and closer until her nose was just a centimeter away from mine…

    “Hello Keith” she said those words with a calm and relaxing voice as if she knew me for a long time.
    My mouth betrayed me and the only thing I could come up with was “ G…Gi…Girl” Yeah nice choice of word smart ass , like you couldn’t come up with anything else Shakespeare. Gee I hated myself at this moment, but she smiled and kept starting at me more intensively.

    “I see you managed to speak , last time u didn’t make it this far …” as she said that she backed up from me and I could see that she trailed off , as if she was remembering something she had forgotten …

    “w…w…what ? What do u mean last time ? Just who are you ? And where are we ? Who is this Keith person? Wh..” before I could finish she put her finger on my lips. Even though my lips burned I couldn’t resist her touch. Her fingers might have been cold but they were soft, and felt like a painkiller on me.

    “I will tell you everything , starting from the early begging , so please listen well…” I could see her face turned darker as she sat right in front of me , crossing her legs and staring at me straight in the eyes , like she was looking at my soul. Before she went back to talking she took a deep breath , and when she exhaled her lips made this bend and the warm air that was coming out of her mouth , felt so intoxicating , I could almost ...Focus ! Focus u love hound ! Important stuff coming up , so listen first , fall in love with robot girl comes later ok ? Good , now listen to the poor girl …I took allot of focusing before I was my old self again , and then she continued talking slowly and softly , so that I would understand more easily.

    “ A long time ago , as far as I can remember , this place, this planet , Earth wasn’t always like this ..” man she’s so hot for a robot , she’s like totally my type …Wait…where on Earth ? EARTH? Like THE Earth?

    “Earth was more …Earthly …”she continued without noticing me “ It was greener , with wide green fields, and blue skies that stretched out as far as the eye could see . The Earth was booming with life , with a wide variety of creatures and living beings. But that was a long time ago …To long …”
    I could a hear a tone of sadness in her voice. Come here and hug me , your cute robot girl you! I was going to shout it out but my body wasn’t moving and I didn’t want to spoil the moment , so I let her continue.

    “ About 313 years ago , in 2117 humanity made its largest discovery yet , the Blue Energy core”
    The Blue Energy Core ?It must have been some lame professor or something who probably didn’t even finish high school…What kind of scientist would name an energy core like that ? The Blue-Is-Our-Favorite-Color scientist or something ?

    “ It was discovered by a world renowned molecular scientist, William Johnson Orbit , in short they called him Dr. Orbit , who was considered the smartest person of he’s era , finishing high school when he was only 12 ” Robot Girl 1 Me 0 , well one thing was sure , she knew allot! But about my other que…She stopped my thoughts before I could go on.

    “While searching for a new energy source Dr. Orbit went on an underwater exploration. He was sure he was onto something big , something revolutionary , but at that time Dr. Orbit was considered … somewhat ********* and insane. Dr. Orbit refused to give up and it was year after he began he’s research , while conducting some experiments on the Atlas Underwater Institute , that he made he’s biggest discovery. By fusing a special alloy that he found underwater , with a alkali metal , such as Cesium, by sheer chance he discovered and new type of alloy , one that could dissolve matter at any point , weather it was in a liquid or solid state , and create enormous amounts of energy while leaving almost now waste behind , at all. Do to the bright Blue color that the material emitted , it became known as Blue Energy…and was later used to create the Blue Energy Core “ Robot Girl 2 Me 0 , damn it, she was kicking my ass , but she was pretty smart, no arguing about that . “ Please continue “ thank god my speech didn’t falter this time …

    “It was a year after Dr. Orbits discovery that people started taking notice in the new energy source. Clean power , no more pollution , no more diseases from pollution , no more wasted energy. That was the idea at first , but the military had different opinions . Under normal conditions the core was stable but once it started to accumulate energy from the outside world it would become unstable and turn into what’s known as a Black Core. The black Core is different . It was considered to be safe until one certain event that happened in 2119 during the time when Dr. Orbit created the first, usable Blue Energy Core , which was not larger then a 1 m square box, but it had such an energy output that it could power half of the world. While Dr. Orbit was presenting he’s research and the ways that this new technology could be used, on the other side, the military was conducting research with the Black Core. The core was stable at first look , but little did they know at that time , that the core would destroy half of the civilization. While conducting one of the tests on the Black core , one of the scientist’s supplied the Black Core with energy causing the Core to become unstable and start dissolving anything that came in touch with. The Black Core is stable at one point, as long as it doesn’t come in contact with energy. The moment it happens, the Core turns into a Black Hole , sucking in everything that surrounds it while growing in size. The core wound up destroying half the continent before it erupted into a EMP field leaving half of the planet in darkness” I could notice it was hard for her to talk about this subject but I knew it was something important “please go on “ I told her before she went back to her story.

    “Luckily Dr. Orbit’s Blue Energy Core came in use , and it was used as a substitute energy source , but later when the energy frenzy swallowed the world it became a must have priority. Wars raged from one side to other , for this new source of energy . Yet the military still hadn’t learned they’re lesson and where researching ways use it as a weapon , by turning them into Black Cores. Dr. Orbit warned them not to do it, that it was still too unstable to be used, but they never listened , they only cared for bigger and more stronger weapons. It was three years later in 2122 that the world went to war. Being a world know scientist Dr. Orbit managed to elude the war, but not the consciences. After the war ended, the use of the Black Cores , left the planet a couple of scars that would never heal. Millions and millions of people died, almost 89% of the world population was destroyed and the world was never the same …” the girl went silent ,and she bowed her head down , her hair covering her face . She was trying to hide her tears away from me, she didn’t want me to see her like that. It made me feel pathetic , here I was , a crying girl in front of me and I couldn’t even comfort her. But something bothered me , how could she cry ? She was a robot …

    “After 15 years of hard work …” even though she was crying the girl kept telling her story “ Dr. Orbit rebuilt the world , or he tried as much as he could , he built an entire city so that the survivors of the Black Death could finally have a place of safe Heaven. Other surviving nations fallowed he’s example and soon the world was finally at peace, or so they thought… In order to build the city ,Dr. Orbit created the most famous humanoid robots at that time , though they had a limited thinking ability , and they where powered by miniaturized versions of the Blue Core. The robots went haywire after a couple of years , dooming humanity to a bitter end. The Blue Cores turned to Black Cores and when they went out they took the rest of humanity with them. The Planet was no longer able to support life. It was beyond the point of return.Everything that Dr. Orbit worked hard for was destroyed , but still her refused to give up. It was years later when he was reaching the end of he’s life that he created the perfect robot in the memory of he’s beloved daughter Leonora, with a stable new core known as a White Core. This new core was stable and perfect so that it would never malfunction. This was a brave attempt to save humanity , but it was futile, humanity was gone , beyond repair. But before he died he had one more final plan to achieve. He found the body of a young man , in he’s early twenties who was in a state of coma ,a survivor of the Black Death, sealed away , probably forgotten, and decided that he would give he’s last breath in order to give him a second chance , so he tried to save this young boy. He couldn’t save he’s body which was weak , instead he saved he’s mind , he transferred all the boys memories into a perfect mechanical body , but before Dr. Orbit could finish he fell ill , and died in 2194 at the age of 89 , the last human survivor. Before he’s death he programmed Leonora to finish the boy’s body and awaken him. Throughout the years Leonora worked hard into finishing the boy, even though she was brilliant she wasn’t Dr. Orbit, she was just another robot. “

    The girls voice trailed off in the air before it was captured by the wind and it got lost . That left me wondering one thing. I was being rude but I had to ask. “But what does all of this have to do with me? “ The girl looked back at me and just smiled, it seemed like the only thing she could do at the moment, but she didn’t hesitate to answer my question “ U see Keith , the thing is , the boy that my father , Dr. Orbit tried to save …was you. “

    At that moment my mind went to a blank , I just couldn’t believe it ,all this time and now she’s telling me that I am a robot ? “ No I refuse to believe this “ was the first response I could muster , and most sincere one. But the girl , Leonora or whatever her name was , just looked at me and picked up the necklace that was hanging around my neck , showing it to me , while reading the inscription on it “ To Keith Orbit. The son I never had. Live long and grow old, be a better man then I could ever be …Dr. Orbit”

    This was insane .It just wasn’t possible , it must be some joke or something. No, I refuse to believe it , that’s not me , that’s not… I simply bowed down my head , It was the only thing I could do really, I just didn’t want to show the girl in front of me my shameful state , where I didn’t even know who I was , whether I was even human or not. But she just looked at me with eyes of sympathy as if she understood what I was going through “ Keith , the name that you have was your real name , the one that father found you with. When he transferred your mind to this body , he never tempered with your memory , because he wanted you to be as human as possible. He only tried to do what was best for you at that time. He wanted you to live on. “

    “Listen Leonora or whatever your name was ..” I tried to say something but she interrupted me

    “ Call me Lin “ She said , while her cheeks turned red and she tried to hide her face from me. But I didn’t get something so I asked her.
    “ Why Lin ? Isn’t your name Leonora? “

    “Yes it is “ she said “ I was modeled after Dr. Orbits daughter , but I was given a free mind. So I wanted to be someone original . I asked my father to change my physical appearance and my face to the one I have now. And I noticed this name appeared quite often when the Dr. Orbit was transferring your memories , so I thought that this name would be more… easier to adjust to “

    I was left in a daze . Ok now I was officially confused and dead from the head above.

    “So what now ? “I asked , cause it seemed like the only question appropriate to ask .

    “Well your body is almost complete , just one more part missing , the control chip , it was the one the controls your movements, that’s why you still can’t walk . I’ve been searching for that chip for some time , but since your body was the last final model , none of the older chips seem to be working .”

    “And just how long have u been building my body exactly ?” I asked a little shameful, since there were some things about being called a male.

    “ Not much , just about 230 years “ she answered like it was nothing big , leaving my mouth opened like a vacuum cleaner. I hope it was bolted down good, cause I am quite sure I would be eating dust right now.

    “ 230 years ? Wow, I mean just … Didn’t u ever get bored ? I mean what did u do all that time? “

    “ It’s not that long since I am a robot. The thing is, I was occupied with building you together, so that made time pass more easily. Dr. Orbit left me with the blueprints for your body, but finding the parts was a tough job. I had to travel from one part of the world to the other ,on foot ,since most of the electronic devices are useless “

    “So how long was I out ? Did I ever regained conciseness ? “ I asked her , wanting to know , about the other times I blacked out.

    “A couple of times” she answered sincerely “ U would wake up from time to time, sometimes every 4, 5 months sometimes every 20 , 30 years but u would eventually go back to sleep. After some time I decided to stop walking since my legs where getting tired and I had to stop weather I wanted it or not. But this time it was different. I knew it somehow. That’s why I stopped at this place.”

    Now I knew why her legs where all metallic,and her upper body was covered in skin. She had to walk thousands of miles while caring my body around, assembling parts, and putting them together. Her clothes where a mess, they were all ripped apart, and I couldn’t help but notice her knee was damaged so she must have had a hard time dragging my metallic butt around. Maybe she was a robot, but doing all those things , like caring for me for 230 years , by my standards deserved a hug.

    “I can’t really move but I really want to hug you so c’mere “ And I noticed that the moment I said that her face was brighter than normal as if she hadn’t felt happiness in a long, long time. She came closer to me , sat on my lap, wrapped her arms around me and put her head and her hair which were all messed up now on my chest. God that felt good. I hadn’t had a hug , well , in 230 years ! I noticed that her body was much smaller then I imagined and I only wish my body was working so I could hug her back. But then she interrupted the silence.

    “Keith there was one alternative that I thought about for a while. I searched the entire planet and like I said I never found that particular chip, however there is one that could work. “

    So there was a way I could walk. I was practically jumping on my butt the moment she said that.

    “Mine... “ she said in a soft voice while she hugged me tighter. What ? For a moment I didn’t realize what she had said to me ,but then later I started feeling empty. She cared for me , she built this body with her own hands which were now all cut and bruised, and she was willing to give up her ability to walk , just so she could save me . U heartless bastard. I kept thinking to myself , while I failed to notice the chip that she was holding in her hand. She wasn’t going to do what I was thinking was she ?

    “Is that …?” but before I could finish she moved her hands to the back of my head , opened this little slot and put the chip inside .The moment she did that I felt a surge of energy rushing from my chest to my brain , then this incredible bolt of electricity than ran through my body. Lin got up and went outside of the alley that we were in which in the first time , this entire time , I had failed to notice that I was an old run down garage shop. She went outside slowly as I could feel she was struggling to stay on her feet, turned towards me and said

    “ Come on Keith ! There is a hole world out here “

    and she pointed towards the sky. She was urging me to stand up. While she was doing that I noticed that her wounded knee was buckling , probably because of all the walking around, that’s why she was having a hard time keeping herself on her feet ,and not having the control chip made things more complicated. She took one more step into the open air before she couldn’t help herself anymore and started swaying to one side. She tried to stay up , but resistance was futile. I just watched her try to stay on her feet, probably the last time she walked and did nothing. That thought ate my soul from the inside , weather I had one or not , but I couldn’t take it anymore. I couldn’t stand the thought that a helpless girl who risked everything for me would never walk again ,whether she was a robot or not , I didn’t care . It was all because of me .A stupid, worthless cyborg or whatever the shit I was. I tried to move but again , my body wouldn’t respond. No I refused that , my body was going to move whether it liked it or not . I quickly looked up at Lin and now she was swaying on both sides like a pendulum and I knew I had seconds before she would fall down, and then it happened, her knee gave up on her and she fell forward. From that moment on everything went In slow motion. As she fell I could see a faint smile on her face. That moment , something exploded in my body and I got up on my feet faster than I thought I could. I had no time to think , just act. I rushed forward with all the speed that I could manage , every little artificial muscle was giving their 100 % . Just before she fell , I threw myself at her , catching her fragile small body mid air , and hugging her tight to my chest. Her eyes where slowly closing but she still had that smile on her face. Thank god I managed to catch her before she fell, but there was one big mistake in my calculation, one huge one to be exact . While I caught her midair, I used so much momentum that I propelled myself forward with allot of force, causing me to get airborne, but the biggest problem was , that I failed to notice the huge cliff right at the edge where Lin was standing. I knew something was wrong , I just failed to realize it early. But that didn’t matter anymore. I had what I wanted , I didn’t need anything else . I hugged Lin tighter around my arms and looked forward at the open sky above me and the ground below me ,which was my soon to be grave. And so the last human died, half human…fine cyborg. That was the last thing that went through my mind before I heard Lin’s voice again , thought it was softer and weaker than before , and her eyes seemed almost broken , as if she was dyeing.

    “ Why…why did u save ….me ? I….I don’t ….have much time life anyways …I was going to die eventually” tears trickled down her face while she was saying those words, and they felt like daggers that were thrown at my heart. I don’t know whether robots had emotions or not , but I was sure this one did. I felt guilty , because it was my fault that she was dying. It was all my fault.

    “Because …Lin …I saw more humanity in you than I could ever dream of being “ I hugged her tighter. It felt like I was crushing her , but I didn’t want to give up on her that easily.

    “ Lin , I want u to live. I don’t know what I would do without you. Heck I wouldn’t even be here if it weren’t for you. I would be dead a long time ago…Lin I don’t want u to go …”

    I was trying to hold back tears by I was having a hard time , and I didn’t have much time left since I could see the ground bellow me closing in fast.

    “Keith ….”Lin said, though struggling to say the words as the wind blew all around us “ You are….my prince ….My angel… I don’t know whether …father …wanted this …but … you… “ as she said those words she reached up to my face and pressed her lips against mine. They where soft, but filled with passion. It was as if I could read her emotions through her lips , I could hear her every heartbeat. She pressed something around my chest, I felt it was somewhere near my heart , and at the moment she did that I heard a strange sound , like wings unfolding. And we were up on the air again. Flying through the clouds , catching winds , who shot us higher and higher. It was amazing. I don’t exactly know how she did that but I had grown a pair of powerful looking wings. They were about 7 meters long in both sides and it was something spectacular. I soared up and dived back down and I still couldn’t get enough of it.

    “Hey Lin , I don’t know how you did that but that was ….” Then something that felt like a boulder nailing my right on the back struck me . I couldn’t feel her presence anymore and her eyes were closed . It was like she was sleeping , like she had a rough day , and decided to take a rest for a while . I shot down to the ground in seconds , and set her down near a patch of grass that was growing next to a small water pond. I stroked her hair and called out her name several times , but deep down in me I knew she was gone. I raised my head up to the sky . It already gotten dark , and the stars where shining , but the shiniest object In the sky that night was the moon. She was bright and full , casting a ray of light over Lin’s body. That made me feel like the moon was trying to bring her back , but it was also hard to watch , the only person that ever cared for me , was now lying still right in front of my eyes. The warm wind that night carried away my cries of sorrow . I didn’t care whether someone was listening , I wanted someone to care about how I felt and maybe decide to give me Lin back, that’s the only thing that mattered to me anymore. I held her small body in my arms for hours, folding my wings around us, trying to protect what was left of her , until the sun rose from the horizon. I let the heat of the sun dry my tears away, I had enough of crying. Crying wasn’t helping and it wasn’t going to bring her back to me. I decided . She gave me this life , and I was going to bring her back .She cared for me all that time , and now I was going to care for her. She loved me all that time , and now I was going to return that love . I dint care how much time , nor how much I would have to wait. I spread out my silver shining metal wings to catch the light of the sun and then started running toward the nearby cliff, and dove of it with all my might . Just before I fell to the ground I spread my wings and with a powerful blast of air I soared high into the sky and towards the sun, flying faster and faster with every flap of my wings ,carrying her precious small body in my arms , while she was still wearing that warm smile in her face , burning that memory in my mind and heart . She was my Lin… I was going to find a way to save her, the Sky and Earth would be my witnesses , for I was going to bring her back, even if I had to go through Hell and High waters, or race at the edge of the world , I was going to bring her back ! One way or another …

    My Lin…