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Discussion in 'Art Requests' started by Diablodoc, Apr 17, 2011.

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    If anyone's capable of doing this, I'd like to request it :)

    First of all, there are no vectors to take from. This is the hard part. There is no such art out there, only attempts that are incomplete or insufficient.

    Wolf Dragon

    By far, this creature is most resembling a wolf; However, the mighty wings on its back beg to differ.This four-legged creature has a bendable but still thick and powerful neck, a large body covered in fur, and a snout the size of a dragon's.
    Eyes resembling more of a dragon's fury, its teeth are sharp and its claws are more visible and large between its paws.

    The tail of this monster is longer than of a normal wolf, yet doesn't look like a dragon's.

    And unlike what one might think, its body is too powerful and different, to look like just a wolf with wings.


    This is an art request, meaning full picture (not sig or avatar), meant to be a complete artwork in itself.