The Mystery Tortoise

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    Not so long ago, in a peaceful country where there's no single war or blood spilled, there lived a happy couple Pak Do and Mak Na. This couple live happily together. They also have a son called Pino. One day, while searching for food in a jungle, Pak Do have found a big, gigantic tortoise that he has never saw before! In amazement, he brings the giant tortoise back to his house.

    "Okasan!okasan! Looks what i have found!!" said Pak Do to Mak Na.​

    Mak Na, who heard his husband shouting, ignored his husband.

    "Tsk! What a bothersome husband! Why at this time??" said Mak Na who is busy watching her favorite TV show 'Domo in Wonderland'.​

    She then continued watching her 'Domo' when suddenly Pak Do entered the living room. At that time, Pino is in his room working out on his latest cloud invention. Hearing his papa shouting, he then rushed out to see what is his father shouting about.

    "What the heck is that otosan??!! That's..that's the most amazing tortoise i have ever seen! Where did you found it?? Can I keep it??", asked Pino who is trembling with excitement. Pino maybe looks like a strong, manly man, but when it comes to cute things like tortoise, cat or hamster, he becomes very excited and aggressive.(when it facts that tortoise is a giant and doesn't look cute at all!)

    "Here, look at this tortoise! It's amazing isn't it??! It's the biggest tortoise I have ever seen!" said Pak Do.

    "No, Pino. You can't keep it yet. Wait until i show this tortoise to our neighbors!" Pak Do continued.

    "Alright then, otosan. Keep your promise. Don't sell it out on TV or any neighbors because that 'cute' thing is mine! MINE!!!" said Pino which in a frustration and furious mood.​

    Mak Na who is watching the whole father and son conversation, suddenly interrupt.

    "Can I ask something here, otosan? Where'd our food??! Despite of food you bring back the useless ugly creature! Keep out that ugly creature from me!! Shoo!! Shoo!!" said Mak Na who is continuing watching her 'Domo' which currently bullying a mushroom like creature.

    "aww man!" said Pak Do. "I will show you how amazing this ugly creature that you hate then. This tortoise will become famous in a short time because it has this big big body! BIG!!", said Pak Do who's annoyed with her wife.​

    He then mumbling to his self that he is gonna show it to all the neighbors and even imagining someone will actually buy that tortoise with a million grand and he will become a new rich person in town after that!

    "Just you wait okasan. I will make this tortoise the famous animal ever in this town!" said Pak Do to himself.​

    He then walks to his neighbor's house, Pak No. Thinking that the giant tortoise is to heavy to carry around, he put the giant tortoise on the rock nearby and then knocked on Pak No's door.

    "What is the matter Pak Do? Is there any problem??" asked Pak No.

    "No, it's not that. You know what, i have founded a really big tortoise in the jungle! Look!" said Pak Do.​

    Unfortunately, the tortoise has gone! The big gigantic tortoise has actually gone! Pak Do who is in cheerful mood, become quiet for a while.

    "No, no, no! This can't be happening! Pak No, believe me, there's actually this big tortoise that i want to show you about! But, it's suddenly gone!"said Pak Do in anxiety.

    "Now, now, Pak Do.If you want to make a joke, please do it at another neighbor's house. Or else i reported this to the headman of our village!", warned Pak No.

    "I'm really really sorry about this Pak No. I don't mean to disrupt you.But please believe me, there's actually one!The big gigantic tortoise that i believe you never see it with you own eyes!"said Pak Do earnestly.

    "Aih, wutever. Now, can you please go!" said Pak No.​

    Disappoint, Pak Do shuffled back to his home. While walking, he kept thinking where does that giant tortoise go. Tortoise should actually walk very slow, but it just happened in a second that the giant tortoise is completely gone.

    "It shouldn't happen this way. How in the earth that tortoise escaped? It should crawl slowly. " asked Pak Do to his self.​

    Then, Pak Do remembered something. Something about jungle spirits who can transform into anything. Trembling in fear, Pak Do who's famous for being calm what ever happen, run towards his home and shouted,

    "It makes sense now!! That giant tortoise is the Tortoise Spirit!!"

    ----the end----​

    **notes : Pak Do is a man and Mak Na is a woman..thank you =)
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    This story the true story that my father, mother and my brother told me about.They told me this story when i suddenly want a tortoise as a pet!lol and it actually happen in our family's everyday life!! I modified this story into a short story and add this and that to make it interesting. About the character Pak Do, Mak Na and Pino characters, well it's just the characters that I randomly created using my father, mother and my brother as the and there's no such a thing like Tortoise Spirit. I'm very sorry if there's a lot of grammar mistakes that will actually disturbing you and making this story less interesting!

    p/s : i actually posted this in my blog...since there's literature corner here, i posted it here then