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    Rule #1: One account per person.
    • Creating multiple accounts is not allowed for any reason. There is no need for multiples accounts. You are not to share your account with others. It is your account, and only you are authorized to use it. Anyone found in violation will be permanently banned.

    Rule #2: Hacking and invasion of privacy will not be tolerated.
    • Any attempt to hack or threat of hacking will result in a permanent ban. We reserve the right to take legal action against the guilty party.
    • Do not attempt to guess passwords or steal an account that does not belong to you. You will be permanently banned.
    • The impersonation of any member or staff is not tolerable. Any account name that resembles a staff member will be altered or deleted without notice. Also, refrain from using the same or similar signature or avatar that another member uses.

    Rule #3: Advertising and website promotion is not allowed.
    • Creating a thread that links directly, indirectly or promotes your site or another is prohibited. Other forms of advertising such as “Free Laptops!” is not allowed. The staff will delete your post or thread without any notification and reserves the right to take further action. Advertising in the Gallery, signature area or profile page or anywhere on the website is not allowed.
    • We do not mean that you cannot post a link to another website. You are simply not allowed to post a link with the intention of promoting a website for your or another's gain. We encourage our members to have fun and meaningful discussions. Links to sites that enrich this experience, such as YouTube or GameInformer, is perfectly acceptable.

    Rule #4: Create threads in the proper section.
    • Each section of the forum has a particular subject that must be followed. Make sure the thread you create is appropriate and relevant to the section you are posting in. For example, a topic about your favorite manga should be published in the manga section, not in the anime section. If you do not know where to post a thread, ask a member or staff personnel. If your thread is published in the wrong section, it will be moved, and you will be told to be more aware in the future. If you fail to post in the proper section time after time, the staff reserves the right to take the necessary action.

    Rule #5: Do not go off-topic.
    • Each thread has a topic, and you are to discuss only that issue or what is relevant to the problem. Do not go off on random tangents and do not post in the thread if you do not know what it is about. Members that are frequently off-topic are subject to administrative action.

    Rule #6: Forum Flooding will not be tolerated.
    • Two or more consecutive posts in a row In the same thread is not allowed. There is an “edit” button for a reason. If you wish to add more to your posts or update it, use the “edit” button. Do not create another post if your post is the latest post in the thread. An exception to this rule is when you have reached a particular limitation, such as a maximum number of images allowed in one position when posting your art profile.
    • Spam and stupid posts will be deleted on the spot. Members that frequently spam, be it intentional or not will be subject to administrative action. Posts that consist of only smileys, one-liner or nonsense qualifies as spam. If you wish to spam, please use the spam forum.
    • Unintelligible and unreadable posts will be deleted in sight. Post as clearly as possible. This includes using spelling and grammar to the best of your abilities. Do not post in a language that is not English and does not publish in Internet languages such as l33t or self-made languages. Clear posts help you, and others understand what you're saying, anything that is difficult to read or is an eyesore only creates problems. When posting, keep in mind that you should type in a manner that is universally understandable.
    • Flooding the forum with multiple threads in a short period is prohibited especially when they are irrelevant or redundant to the discussion. We appreciate members that try to be active and encourage activity, but we do not like seeing scores of unrelated and junk threads.
    • Creating threads that resemble or is the same as another active thread is not allowed. Please search before you create a thread. There is always a chance that the thread you are about to make already exists. If you do form a thread that is similar or identical, it will either be merged or deleted.
    • Posting mass images or videos are not allowed either. Also, remember to put all adult images in spoilers. You are not allowed to post scores of pictures in one post unless you are in an image sharing club or you are in the graphics forums.

    Rule #7: Respect and common courtesy.
    • Respect the opinion of your fellow members. There are always multiple opinions, and they may or may not conflict with yours. Please be respectful of others. They have the right to hold a view just like yourself and be sure to respect their opinion as you would appreciate your own. If someone's opinion, belief, thoughts contradict yours, do not insult or attack them. Discuss and work out the differences instead.
    • Racist and prejudice remarks or behavior is intolerable. Inflammatory comments of another's race, culture, country, religion, sexual orientation, gender is prohibited. We do not allow threads or posts that contain such remarks. We do not let “hating” on anyone for any reason. Any member in violation will be noted and dealt with accordingly and may be subject to the highest severity of punishment.
    • Every member is equal to another. No member is higher or lower than another. Be it post count, join date, the number of friends, reputation or amount of shared content, it is all irrelevant. Everyone is to be treated equally and respectfully. Do not boss around another member or snub them just because you have a higher post count or reputation. Anyone that partakes in such behavior, including abuse of the reputation system will be dealt with accordingly. Please report any member that is in violation so that the staff can respond speedily.

    Rule #8: Flaming and provocation.
    • We understand that members like to remind other members of the rules, especially when they are in violation. However, there is no need to be harsh or hold a public “lynching” when someone breaks a rule. Just remind them of the rules and leave it at that. If further action needs to be taken, use the “report” button.
    • Do not attack a member if you cannot accept his or her opinion. Just turn away and move on. There is no need to retaliate.
    • Provocation is intolerable. Any post or thread that is provoking will be deleted, and the member will be dealt with accordingly. Repeat offenders will be banned permanently. However, you also must not fall into provocation. If something is provoking, use the “report” button but do not retaliate.
    • Flaming, insulting or humiliating staff in any form will not be tolerated. Anyone that is in violation will be dealt with quickly and harshly.

    Rule #9: All content must be work safe. No pornographic material allowed.
    • You agree to operate in a work-safe manner. This means that pornographic, violent, generally gross or sickening will not be tolerated in any shape or form (be it an image or link) anywhere on the forum and website.
    • We do not accept partial nudity either. Nipples, genitalia, private parts, whatever you call them, are not allowed. Suggestive material such as panty shots and skimpy thongs are excellent as long as genitals are not revealed.

    Rule #11: Prohibited content.
    We do not allow any of the following content:

    • Bestiality. Whether you think it is appropriate or not, we do not let it. Keep it to yourself, do not promote it and do not post it anywhere, including the gallery.
    • Pedophilia and lolita content. Keep your preferences to yourself. Do not post anything that promotes pedophilia or any material that exhibits underage children engaging in sexual acts or presented erotically. We are not saying that you can not discuss “lolis” and how “cute” they are, but they must not be linked to in any sexual or erotic manner.
    • Guro, extreme bondage and BDSM. It is only not allowed in any form. Please keep in mind that we do not allow ********* forms. However, we do not prohibit “normal” BDSM or bondage. Guro, on the other hand, will not be tolerated whatsoever.
    • Questionable practices or content. Any content that is frowned upon in society is not allowed. We do not allow any content that violates any United States law either.

    Rule #12: Follow signature and avatar guidelines.
    • Signatures and avatars must be work safe. In other words, no extreme acts of violence or any pornographic content is allowed in avatars or signatures. As a general rule, any image that reveals a private part or genitalia (female nipples, penis, vagina, etc.) is prohibited and therefore your avatar and signature also forbid it.
    • You are allowed a maximum of 500x300 pixels of space for your Graphic signature. You are allowed to have up to 3 smaller images that fulfill this area.
    • Stealing another member's signature or the alteration of another member's signature is strictly prohibited. If you see someone with your signature, please try to solve it with the person first respectfully. If the problem persists, contact a moderator or administrator.
    • Links or embedded links in images within your signature is forbidden. You may only link to a picture or item that uses the AnimeXForum domain name. The only exception to this is relating to portfolio sites such as DeviantArt.
    • If you are a member that has been quoted in a signature and you do not wish to be quoted, respectfully approach the person that has quoted you in their signature and try to solve it with them first before contacting staff.
    • If you wish to put a banner on your club or great lyrics in your signature, put it in a spoiler!

    Rule #13: Hotlinking images.
    • We do not prohibit hotlinking images, but the administration of AnimeXForum strongly encourages members to host their photos on websites such as PhotoBucket, TinyPic, Firegoon or Minus. Not only is it good practice but it is unfair to hotlink images when you do not have the owner's permission. Hotlinking causes dual-traffic issues. It puts a strain on us and pressure on the owner of the image. Some websites also have anti-hotlinking protection where the hot-linked image is shown as blank or in some cases, a foul, disturbing or pornographic image. Do your part by hosting images on an image host so that these problems do not occur!

    Rule #14: Bumping and necroing threads.
    • Bumping threads is entirely acceptable if there is a sound reasoning behind it. If you wish to hit a topic that has not gotten many views or any replies after posting or a thread that still has much potential, we will accept it. However, we do not tolerate necroing threads. What are necroing threads? It's when a member posts in a thread that ceased to be active or relevant to the forum a very long time ago. It's okay to post in threads that are a few months old as long as it has sound reasoning, but it should not become an active habit.

    Rule #15: Use proper language.
    • All members are expected to post in English unless they are posting in a language club. You are also to use proper language in all parts of the forum and website. The only place where you may be crude with your writing is in the adult sections. We don't mind seeing some mild cursing here and there across the forum, but we will not accept frequent cursing across the discussion when it is outside the adult sections. This includes gallery comments and status updates. You are not to curse in status updates at all. Please keep in mind that there are minors on this site and they too need to be respected.

    Rule #16: User Content.
    • Members run AnimeXForum. We do not screen or verify content that is posted. If any material that is yours, be it a signature, render, copyright content, and it is being distributed on AnimeXForum or being used without your permission, please report the member and contact an administrator with the link to what is being infringed upon and proper proof that it is your content. We will work with you, and if we deem that a user is in violation, we will remove your content in an acceptable time-frame.

    Rule #17: Age appropriate.
    • The content on is best suited for those that are of the age of 13 and over. We are not held responsible for any content that you may find offensive or disturbing. The material found in posts and topics does not necessarily reflect the views or nature of, and therefore we can not be held accountable for any action that a member may take, although we reserve the right to correct any wrong-doings. Please keep this in mind when exploring For more information about our liability, refer to the terms you agreed to upon registration.
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