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    but yea, moshi moshi~ atashi no xii360 desu >:o
    so i used to be a lurker, then i joined AF (i guess a forum somewhat affiliated to this?, more of a sister-site to SD forum's, which i then joined, and then joined here xD)

    i am of a self proclaimed lame artist~!, couse my artstyle is not that of goodness and more of a goodness gracious what is wrong with me
    now without further ado~! i shalt answer all the questions! (not really, more like the one that gives us details on how to do intro's xD)

    1. How did you find Anime X Forum?
    2. What is your favorite anime?
    3. What is your favorite manga?
    4. Do have any musical interests you would like to share with us?
    5. Where are you from?
    6. What is your occupation?
    7. What are some of your talents or things you are proud of doing or having?
    8. What are your hobbies?
    8.2. What games do you enjoy playing?

    1. first it was AF forums, and then SD forums, and from SD forum's, it mentioned you guys as affliated site/sister site, thus i am becoming here
    2. generally, Shakugan no shana, it was my very first anime to watch, and what got me into anime !, i havent watched anime recently though, as i read visual novels (eroges) more now
    3. i have none ! xD,
    4. i mean...i dont wanna link youtube links of song's on my introduction >.>... but im somewhat into japanese song's
    5. im somewhere in planet earth !, to be precise on the location, South western of japan, East of Vietnam... i never said the exact address >.>
    6. i am that of a student, but i am also that of a pupil !
    7. ...i can be lazy, nah jokes aside im somewhat an okay- artist, after all, i am a, self-proclaimed lame artist~!, oh and im average on everything else i do, im not bad, but im not good too
    8. playing eroge's, and drawing >:o
    8.2. RPG's, RTS, dark soul's (action), Eroge's, and ofcourse, anime-styled dating sim ! (dont laugh, i am a sad man >.>...)

    that's about it, i guess xD
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    Welcome to AnimeXForum Guild!

    I'm glad you new member welcomed to this site place!

    Would you like to see anime recommend list? :)
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    nah im fine xD, school is preoccupying my schedules atm, so i have very little time on anime, even novels ;(