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    Rules for requests

    * You need 30 posts to request here, else your thread will be closed.
    * Post the picture/render you'll need the designer to use in your signature/avatar.
    * You may only requests for signatures or avatars. Things you'll be able to use in this forum. No banners, buttons and etc for your blog or forum, this is not a gfx forum.
    * You can request banners for clubs made in this forum, but please post you'r club's name and info in your entry.

    If you need any other stuff, pm one of our gfx mods or gfx team, they'll be gentle or kind enough to accept. Sometimes.

    So it would be fair, for people perhaps just join, request, and leave the forum and never come back because they have probably used it on another forum/website.

    Don't ask for stuff like layout, banner, or many other things you will use in another place. Only sigs, avatar, banners, you can use here, in Anime Tempest.


    Stock: (Image of what you want)
    What type of request: (Avatar? Signature? Banner? etc..)
    Colours: (Colours you want?)
    Size: (Any certain size?)
    Text: (Any text you want on your certain request?)

    Note: You must rep those who help you in your request.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.