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Discussion in 'Lights Out!' started by Grimmwolf, Nov 24, 2010.

  1. tehcake

    Aug 7, 2011
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    Cut my steak into pieces, this is my knife and fork.
  2. CatzyLee93

    CatzyLee93 ~ Celes Mage~

    Nov 3, 2010
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    When I wanted sunshine I got rain...
  3. Franken Stein

    Franken Stein Watching Time Fly
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    Nov 24, 2010
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    Uh-oh lemme feel the room rock
    With the bass kick comin' out your boombox
    Ka-boom we're on fire tonight
    Crank the levels up higher and we're feeling alright
    So if you think you're chillin you think you're comin' over
    Better have that boombox totin' on your shoulder
    It's all good when we're partyin' on
    And crankin' that boom 'till the break of dawn

    Uh-oh better crank up the level
    And crank up the bass cuz we don't need no treble
    Got the boom boom bass thats all you ever need
    We the boom boom boom that's comin ya street
    Wake up everyday crank that shit to the max
    Crank that punk rock hip-hop heavy metal all that
    Cuz this is how we're livin' it up
    Cuz we're the punk rock kids that don't give a fuck!!

    It's the boom in ya room that ya know ya love
    Or in the street with a skateboard rockin' the dub
    It's the pumpin' beat of the kick and the snare
    Havin' fun in the sun crank it up anywhere
    Cuz in the end this is a way of life
    Yeah ya sleep all day so you can play it all night
    And nobody rockin' it as loud as me
    And the music sticks to you like an std
  4. Grimmwolf

    Grimmwolf Okami chan
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    Nov 11, 2010
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    I'm out on the front line don't worry I'll be fine my story is just beginning
    I say goodbye to my weakness, so long regrets
    and now I see the world through Diamond eyes!
  5. The Lotus Eater

    The Lotus Eater Scorched Earth
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    Oct 29, 2010
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    Cold days
    Old ways
    Told lies
    No more

    So many years to clean the slate
    Endless despair within its wake
    His touch soiling what used to be clean
    His gaze burning on the edge of our dreams

    Cold days
    Cold days

    And again he rides in
    It's September and he covets the gullible
    Skeletal wish
    A thousand lies cast from the throne of secrecy

    Hear him spewing forth a meaning to miserable lies
    See the twisted hand of doubt seal the affair
    The insect trust
    our body a vehicle to him just the same

    Pearls before swine they are nothing but blind
    Submit to nothing and swallow my spit of scorn
    Invisible king
    Procession of woe struck down by sorrow

    A burden so great weighs heavy on old and withered beliefs
    The swift solution crumbles beneath the mock notes of a masterpiece
    Death in his eyes
    Spiraling judgement provoked in the rains

    Futile test drowned in the levee of deception
    His futile test drowned in the levee of deception

    In the year of his sovereign
    Rid us of your judgement
    Heir apparent