Hatsune Miku Fan Art [YouTube]

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    Good afternoon!

    I have seen many talented artists and many beautiful drawings of anime but rarely I haven't seen much Hatsune Miku drawings. So if there is someone who is really interested, here is what can happen!

    I am planning to do a Hatsune Miku EP Mix with her 2016 album but the thing is, I want to use fan art for the 1 hour mix of her music. So everyone can participate in this event and this is exclusive to gamerotaku.com <3

    I will give all your social media credits and even have your names in the video. I want this to be purely Hatsune Miku <3 :$

    It can be drawings, photoshop, anything you like <3 I plan to release this mix in 2 weeks so that be a fun and long time for all of you <3

    So below, post something you made or your favourite Hatsune Miku picture, please try to have it HD <3 Help me make this video everyone!

    If you guys have any questions, please feel free to ask me <3
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    Hmmm I'd Like To Help Out ..
    My Photoshop Skills Are Good So I'd Make Some Wallpapers.. But I Have Some Questions ..

    1) You Want The Pics In HD So Is 1080x1920 Alright ?
    2) How Many Pics Would You Need ?
    3) When Do You Need Them ?
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