Distance means you and me

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    It's already a week since i went out with him..
    OKay, and i'm still counting it..
    But guess,what? There's something different about him, and i don't know what is it.. I hope that's just my feeling..
    And ya.. upsss.. soweee.. I haven't introduce myself to you guys ( smile :D pce! )

    Okie.. Let's see.. My name is Akina, Hikari Naomi Akina. I'm in my sweet seventeen now .. ha..ha..ha... (owh.. really?!!! I guess not at all .. buahhhh!) I"m a half-half gurl. I'm Half American , Japanese, and Indoneisan. OK.. and for you to nkow, i'm in the first year of my uni now , thanks for the axel class of course.
    okay, so whatever, i leave it to you all about my characters.

    Okay, let's continue it.. Today, the wind breeze really strong and starting from today, the weather will be as cold as ice block.
    "Hey Hika! Morning cutie " said my friend, Primula, one of the student exchange in my uni.
    I stop and look at her, and then we walk together to the uni.
    "Hey sis! How are u? It is really a cold weather isn't it?" i asked her with curiousity.
    "Yep! You are waiting for this weather aren't you Hika? This is your first winter in here ayt? That's you look really happy today "
    "Ah.. what?! How did you know it sis?"
    "I am your 'sister' you know.. "
    And then she poke me and i just laugh.

    Brian Ryan, my boyfriend suddenly hold my hand without looking at the situation( because at that time there are so many students there )
    "Awieeh.. even though it's your first winter, you should have wear thick gloves you know" said Ryan to me with a bright smile.
    "Huh? What? Owh.. the gloves.. it was because i don't really wanna wear one.. it's weird to wear a thick one, hard to move my hand. SO i just choose the thin one"
    "Owh.. stupid idiota huh?"
    what the.. stupid idiota??
    "Ryaaaannn! you jerkiess!" i scream really loud at that time and as usual, Primula is the one and only person who can stop us from fighting.
    "Okay you two, stop it adn walk fast, ok? It's already time"
    after she said that, i look at my watch and almost scream.
    8:30 a.m that's what the watch showed to me. Without further
    talking, Ryan grab my hand and run. Wanted or not, i must run
    too .Because you know what? We already lateeeeee????!!!!(exclude Primula, she got more aftie class )


    "Okay, so here we are again. The first lesson that you gonna learn today it's all about designing thingies " said Mr. Alen, our Design class teacher."Okay, i got something to show to you all guys"
    and then he grab kinda big drawing paper. And then he showed that to us.
    What???!!! That was my design a month ago
    i was shocked to saw it adn then Mr. ALen just look at me.
    "And guys, you know who's art is this?" asked him to al of us
    "Hmmm.. Prom, Ryan, Hika, or maybe it's yourself mister?" mumbled some of the students.
    "Okay, you got it guys! It's Hika's design. This design, i really got inspired from this one"
    "Owh.. really? Is it just the design, or is it the person who design it too?" asked some of the students with laugh.
    That silent clasroom, now suddenly become noisy. Many students laugh and ya, i don't really mind it.
    And then after that, some of the students just look at me and smile.


    suddenly i feel someone just about to break the desk. And then i look to my right side with a little shock.
    "You guys! I already told you not to make fun of her again. Or, should i remind you about that again ?" said Ryan with anger,
    and then class turn into silence again.

    And then i just stand up and go out of the class and relaxing myself with Ryan walking behind me.
    "What?" i asked him with a high tone.
    "Nothing, you don't want me to accompany you?"he asked me back with the same tone
    "Why u asked me that?"
    "Because i feel you need me to accompany you"
    And then we just walk to the garden with silence.

    At the garden, i just stand there doing nothing at all while Ryan sitting on the chair that made out of wood.
    OMG.. really.. i already thought about this one, since Mr. Alen have a crush on me, everyone keep talking like that... Maybe the best way is just not to attend that 'design class' anymore..

    "Are you thinking about not to attend the design class?"
    I was shocked to hear that and suddenly turn around my head and look at him curiously.
    "If you thinking about that, i will not let you do that. As long as i'm with you, i will never let you be a bad one" said Ryan while looking straight to my eyes.
    I don't know why, but suddenly i turn around my head again.
    "Akina, look at me!"
    And i keep silent.
    "Akina, look at me!"
    And i still keep silent.


    I felt like i fell above something.. But when i open my eyes, i already in his embrace.
    "You'd better look at me hun.. Or you will regret it"
    After hearing those words, i quickly turn around and looking straight to his eyes with a 'what' face.
    " You sure know one thing" said Ryan to me
    " What?" i asked him back with a high tone
    "I love you.. You already know about it right?"
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    that "Brukkkkk!!" part is really indonesian.....
  3. arashime

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    what is brukk?? i kinda blank at that part? crash sound? O_o

    and hikki-chyahn~~~ nice story? is it a true story??
    or just a fiction? i wonder (,")
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    LOL :D i still have that indonesian part you know ;p

    thankies ara-chiii :D
    nope.. it's not a true story..
    but i do put some of myself in the character though ;3
    brukk is kinda like you fall or something fall.. ( it's like a manga effect sound..)
    hehhe :D
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    @hikki-chyan : i see...anyway keep it up! =)