dead men tell no tales

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    it's a bit short, and maybe a bit nonsensical... but it was from 'me' to 'you'. ;D


    there is so much i want to say- wanted to say; but to know that they will solely fall on deafened ears makes me cringe with a pain i haven't felt in eons. now if only my heart would allow me access to my ever fleeting words. if only the universe would grant me one simple favor: for you to no longer ignore me. now is this 'you' the antagonistic shade of my heart? or the more treacherous, deceitful being who leads me down the path of calm and joy. if only they understood that both the darkness and light are leaving me breathless and blind. my emotions are a harmonious discord, muddled within the sanctity of the rotten passeges of my mind. i wonder what it would feel like to have your lips against mine once more. but what i truly wonder is how it would feel to shove a blade into your throat. to watch your eyes swirl and pulse, dance the life away in deaths cold embrace. i wonder what it would be like to bathe in your blood, howling up at the moon. such transient thoughts flit through my mind, curling my lips into the briefest of smiles. as i stare into the depths of the mirror, at 'you,' it is like falling down the rabbit hole all over again.
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    You sure put some strong emotions in this text... I liked very much, the sense of confusion and loss, together with some desire drowned in insanity... Not sure if that's what you wanted the reader to feel, but that's what I felt while reading it. Please, do share your upcoming texts here! ^^
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    oh my God. Lu-san. this is great. I thought 'you' here was someone like spouse or things like that.
    but it turned out to be......... wow, epic!
    the power of the words, they are short, yet powerful, and multilayered.*thumb ups*