Clione no Akari - (クリオネの灯り)

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    Alternative title:
    クリオネの灯り (Japanese)
    Genres: Unknown. (Don't have added this yet)
    Plot Summary:
    Minori is an illness-stricken, constantly bullied orphan. After one rainy day, she doesn't turn up at school, having been admitted to a hospital in a distant town. Two months pass, and the girl's two school friends, Takashi and Kyōko, receive a mysterious email with no sender listed. The email reveals a summer festival taking place in a nearby town.
    Vintage: 2017-07
    Opening Theme:
    "Clione no Akari" by aki
    Ending Theme:
    "Sora wo Tobu Kaze" by aki
    Insert song:
    "Hyakunichi no Hana" by Rico Sasaki
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